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Summer in the parks

One of the institutional goals of the Marine Protected Area of the Egadi Islands is the environmental education as well as the dissemination of knowledge related to the territory. For this reason, the MPA often promotes awareness campaigns aimed in particular at children and young people. A very important and successful project was "ESTATE NEI PARCHI", which was funded by the Ministry for the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea thanks to a call for competition in 2011, and was implemented in collaboration With Marevivo. The project involved during the summer season numerous children between the age of 6 and 16  and included various activities on board of a beautiful caique, such as sailing and sailing courses, seminars and didactics on environmental issues, marine biology lessons, orientation and meteorology lessons, guided tours around the islands, lessons on Sicilian kitchen and fish cooking, underwater photography. Many other activities were also carried out on the beach, such as sea-watching (guided snorkelling), marine biology lessons, open-air educational games aiming at the knowledge of the flora and fauna through observation and understanding, video projections, underwater photography, bird-watching and guided mountain bike tours to get to know the islands also on land. Thanks to these activities, teens and children have developed the passion for the sea and deepened their knowledge of its habitats and inhabitants.